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He quickly opened his eyes and was greeted by the blinding brightness of the television he had neglected to turn off before he fell alseep. He wasn't sure what had awakened him, but soon his curiosity was put to rest.

The phone rang like an unrelenting siren during a tornado warning. He grabbed the clock and glanced at the time with a disappointed sigh. "Who would be calling me at three thirty in the morning?", he groaned. For a second he thought it better to just ignore the caller and go back to dreaming of his perfect life in the arms of his true love, but he decided that he should at least yell at the person on the phone before drifting off again.

"Hello?", he asked sleepily.

"Hello, baby! Dis be Miss Cleo hun!", a voice echoed from the phone.

"What? Miss Cleo? Huh?!", he exclaimed as he sat up in bed.

"I just be callin to invite ya to call me again fer a readin, baby! As a returnin customer ya will get a discount'd price hun! Please baby, press one now if ya'd like ta talk to Cleo!", the voice continued.

It finally dawned on him that the voice he heard on the other end of the phone was nothing but a recording, an advertisement to get him to pay more money to hear his favorite celebrity speak to him again. He sighed and placed the phone on the receiver.

"Maybe this is a sign", he whispered, "but maybe Miss Cleo is just a fraud like people have been saying."

Completely unsure of what to believe, he wiped a tear from his eyes before closing them. It didn't take him long to return to his dreams that were now fed by his mistrust and confusion.
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