Chris (oxrandyyxo) wrote in cleofic,

Miss Cleo Fanfic, Part 3

In spite of the disappointment (caused by a disheartening phone call he received minutes before laying back down to sleep) he just experienced, Chris was once again whisked away to a dream-filled sleep.

Flashes of bright light streamed across his face as he plummeted through the sky of his dream world. He could feel his stomach drop as gravity became his only enemy. Suddenly, his body hit a hard surface, but he felt no pain. He stood up, brushed himself off, and surveyed the land around him in hopes of finding out where he landed. Walking around the strange world he soon discovered a brightly colored hut made of straw and wood. He ran to the structure which he now discovered had a sign embroidered onto the make-shift door (which seemed to be a carefully woven tapestry).

Chris didn't know whether to knock or walk right in. As he stood before the tapestry, a familliar voice rang out from behind it. With a nervous hand he pulled aside the tapestry. He gazed upon the figure sitting on the floor and a smile spread across his lips.

( be continued...)
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