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[18 Mar 2004|01:29pm]

is this community dead? because miss cleo LIVES.
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Miss Cleo Fanfic, Part 3 [08 Aug 2002|03:55am]

In spite of the disappointment (caused by a disheartening phone call he received minutes before laying back down to sleep) he just experienced, Chris was once again whisked away to a dream-filled sleep.

Flashes of bright light streamed across his face as he plummeted through the sky of his dream world. He could feel his stomach drop as gravity became his only enemy. Suddenly, his body hit a hard surface, but he felt no pain. He stood up, brushed himself off, and surveyed the land around him in hopes of finding out where he landed. Walking around the strange world he soon discovered a brightly colored hut made of straw and wood. He ran to the structure which he now discovered had a sign embroidered onto the make-shift door (which seemed to be a carefully woven tapestry).

Chris didn't know whether to knock or walk right in. As he stood before the tapestry, a familliar voice rang out from behind it. With a nervous hand he pulled aside the tapestry. He gazed upon the figure sitting on the floor and a smile spread across his lips.

(...to be continued...)
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...continued [08 Aug 2002|12:46am]

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He quickly opened his eyes and was greeted by the blinding brightness of the television he had neglected to turn off before he fell alseep. He wasn't sure what had awakened him, but soon his curiosity was put to rest.

The phone rang like an unrelenting siren during a tornado warning. He grabbed the clock and glanced at the time with a disappointed sigh. "Who would be calling me at three thirty in the morning?", he groaned. For a second he thought it better to just ignore the caller and go back to dreaming of his perfect life in the arms of his true love, but he decided that he should at least yell at the person on the phone before drifting off again.

"Hello?", he asked sleepily.

"Hello, baby! Dis be Miss Cleo hun!", a voice echoed from the phone.

"What? Miss Cleo? Huh?!", he exclaimed as he sat up in bed.

"I just be callin to invite ya to call me again fer a readin, baby! As a returnin customer ya will get a discount'd price hun! Please baby, press one now if ya'd like ta talk to Cleo!", the voice continued.

It finally dawned on him that the voice he heard on the other end of the phone was nothing but a recording, an advertisement to get him to pay more money to hear his favorite celebrity speak to him again. He sighed and placed the phone on the receiver.

"Maybe this is a sign", he whispered, "but maybe Miss Cleo is just a fraud like people have been saying."

Completely unsure of what to believe, he wiped a tear from his eyes before closing them. It didn't take him long to return to his dreams that were now fed by his mistrust and confusion.

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FanFic #1 [24 Aug 2001|02:35am]

It was a hot summer night in August when Chris picked up the phone and started to dial. He pushed each number carefully as he didn't want to make any mistakes. 1 800 940 6194. A ringing on the other end set his mind at ease as he waited for a familiar voice. Suddenly a voice, as if from thin air, asked him his birthdate. He replied cautiously, making sure that he spoke clearly enough to be understood. "October sixth nineteen eighty one", he said. The woman on the other line repeated her newly acquired information and quickly put him back on hold. New Age music played in the background as a single drop of sweat rolled off of his forehead. Suddenly the music stopped and a voice rang in his ears.

Could it be true? Could it really be her? It was too good to be true that he almost forgot to acknowledge the speaker. "Yes! I'm here! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to talk to you!", he said as tears started to stream down his face. "Aww, baby! I've been waitin for your call as well, hun!" the woman said with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning. "What is your question for me, baby?" she continued. "I don't have a question, I..I," he stuttered, "I just wanted to hear your voice...to hear you talk to me!" Maybe he was too excited and forgot that he was paying to have a question answered. The universe was calling to him but he was too preoccupied with his brush with celebrity that he wasn't listening. "I'm glad you're callin me, baby. Are ya sure you don't have a question for me?" she asked in a perplexed tone.

Maybe it was the adrenaline, or maybe just the realization that he was paying good money to talk to someone he had seen on television and couldn't even think of a question to ask, but he hung up the phone and sat on the floor. He rocked back and forth, tears still coming from his eyes. He glanced at the television screen whose warm glow was the only light in the room. There she was in her cosmic brilliance. As the character on the screen spoke, he closed his eyes and compared it to the real voice, the one he had just heard over the telephone. Both were the same but the voice on the phone was better, it was real. Realization sunk in. The enthusiasm that greeted him over the phone soon washed across his own face as he stared at the screen. "I just talked to her. I just talked to Miss Cleo!"

(to be continued...)
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Welcome! [24 Aug 2001|02:00am]

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Welcome to the Miss Cleo Fan Fiction Community! I'm proud to be the founder/maintainer of this fine community! Have fun with your fanfic! Miss Cleo is awesome and deserves good fiction! Any extremely vulgar posts WILL BE removed. If your post is removed from the community three times, you will be kicked out of the community! CleoFic is meant to be fun, not annoying! Enough of the serious stuff...ENJOY!

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